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Are you looking to improve your health, manage diabetes, achieve weight loss goals, or develop a healthier relationship with food?

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Low Energy

Feeling tired all the time can severely impact your daily life and productivity. Chronic fatigue makes it difficult to stay active and enjoy life.


Weight Gain

Constantly battling with weight gain despite various efforts can be frustrating and disheartening. It often feels like nothing works, no matter how hard you try.


Food Reactions

Unidentified food sensitivities can cause chronic discomfort and digestive issues. They can leave you feeling unwell without understanding why.


Blood Sugar Control

Unhealthy blood sugar levels can lead to serious complications. Fluctuating glucose levels can affect your energy, mood, and overall well-being.

The time is now for you to choose YOU!


Nutritional Coaching

Experience personalized, hands-on support tailored to your unique health journey. We’ll work closely together to create a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan, ensuring you have the guidance and encouragement needed to achieve your health goals and maintain long-term wellness.


Allergy & Sensitivity Analysis

Discover how your body responds to different foods with a comprehensive allergy and sensitivity analysis. Gain valuable insights into your unique dietary triggers and receive expert recommendations to optimize your nutrition and enhance your overall well-being.


Empowerment Sessions

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge of your health with our empowerment sessions. These sessions offer in-depth education on nutrition and lifestyle changes, equipping you with practical strategies to make informed decisions and foster lasting positive change.

You are stronger than your
cravings; nourish your body
with intention.

Trina Krug

Trina Krug

About Me

I’m a researcher, functional nutritionist and coach.

My approach is rooted in evidence-based practices and a deep understanding of whole-body health. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall wellness, achieve sustainable weight loss, or simply feel better in your body, I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

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