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About Me

I am a researcher, functional nutritionist, and coach.​

Empowering you to achieve health and live your happiest life through personalized coaching and evidence-based nutrition.

How can I help?

Transform your health with personalized coaching, comprehensive allergy and sensitivity analysis, and empowering educational sessions designed to meet your unique needs.


One-on-One Coaching​

Experience personalized, hands-on support tailored to your unique health journey. We’ll work closely together to create a customized nutrition and lifestyle plan, ensuring you have the guidance and encouragement needed to achieve your health goals and maintain long-term wellness.


Allergy and Sensitivity Analysis

Discover how your body responds to different foods with a comprehensive allergy and sensitivity analysis. Gain valuable insights into your unique dietary triggers and receive expert recommendations to optimize your nutrition and enhance your overall well-being.


Empowerment Sessions

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge of your health with our empowerment sessions. These sessions offer in-depth education on nutrition and lifestyle changes, equipping you with practical strategies to make informed decisions and foster lasting positive change.

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