4 Bean Salad in 3 jars.

4 Bean Salad

4 bean salad is a timeless dish that’s perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re planning a family gathering, a picnic, or just looking for a quick and easy meal, this salad fits the bill. With a mix of beans, fresh vegetables, and a flavorful dressing, 4 bean salad is both delicious and satisfying. It’s also allergy-friendly, containing no gluten, dairy, eggs, or added sugar, making it suitable for everyone.

4 Bean Salad in 3 jars.
4 Bean Salad. Photo credit: Trina Krug.

Creating a 4 bean salad is a breeze, and it’s a dish that delivers on both flavor and convenience. This salad combines the heartiness of beans with the freshness of cherry tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and red onions. The addition of minced garlic brings a delightful zing, while the liquid from the bean salad serves as a ready-made dressing that ties all the ingredients together beautifully.

Tips for the Best 4 Bean Salad

To make sure your 4 bean salad is the best it can be, follow these simple tips. First, ensure all your vegetables are fresh and crisp. Fresh ingredients will make a big difference in the overall taste and texture of the salad. When spiralizing the zucchini, make sure to keep the strands relatively long, which helps them mix well with the other ingredients without becoming mushy.

Finally, let the salad sit for a while before serving. Allowing the flavors to meld together for at least an hour in the fridge can enhance the overall taste, making the salad even more delicious.

4 Bean Salad Pinterest pin.
4 Bean Salad. Photo credit: Trina Krug.


One of the joys of making 4 bean salad is how adaptable it is. You can easily swap out ingredients based on what you have on hand or to suit your personal preferences:

1. Different Beans: While the recipe uses a pre-mixed 4 bean salad, you can create your own combination with beans like kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, and cannellini beans. This allows you to customize the salad to your liking.

2. Additional Vegetables: Feel free to add or substitute other vegetables. Cucumbers, carrots, or radishes can add extra crunch and flavor. Roasted red peppers can provide a sweet, smoky element that complements the beans well.

3. Herbs and Spices: Fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, or basil can add a burst of freshness to the salad. You can also experiment with spices like cumin, paprika, or even a pinch of chili flakes for a bit of heat.

4. Vinegar and Oils: If you want to adjust the dressing, try using different types of vinegar, such as apple cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar. A splash of olive oil can also add richness to the dressing.

4 Bean Salad in a jar close up.
4 Bean Salad. Photo credit: Trina Krug.

Unique Ways to Serve 4 Bean Salad

Bean Salad Stuffed Avocados: For a fun and nutritious twist, try serving your 4 bean salad stuffed into halved avocados. The creamy avocado pairs beautifully with the tangy bean salad, creating a delightful contrast of textures and flavors. This presentation also makes for an impressive appetizer or a light lunch.

Bean Salad Wraps: Turn your 4 bean salad into a portable meal by wrapping it in large lettuce leaves or gluten-free tortillas. This is perfect for a quick lunch or picnic. Add some extra crunch with a handful of sunflower seeds or sliced almonds sprinkled on top before wrapping.

Final Thoughts

4 bean salad is a flavorful and easy-to-make dish that’s perfect for any occasion. Its mix of beans and fresh vegetables, combined with a simple yet delicious dressing, makes it a crowd-pleaser that you’ll turn to time and again.

4 Bean Salad in 3 jars.

4 Bean Salad

Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 3
Calories 293 kcal


  • 15 oz can or 16 oz jar 4 bean salad (do not drain)
  • 12 oz cherry tomatoes halved
  • 1 green zucchini 2 for 5 pint jars
  • ½ yellow bell pepper 1 bell pepper for 5 pint jars, diced
  • ½ small red onion thinly sliced
  • 2 garlic cloves minced


  • Spiralize zucchini(s) into a large bowl.
  • Add cherry tomatoes, red onion, yellow bell pepper, and garlic to the bowl. Mix well.
  • Add 4 bean salad and continue mixing.
  • Fill 3 or 5 pint jars with salad, making sure to add the liquid at the bottom of the bowl. Makes a great salad dressing!


Serving: 1gCalories: 293kcalCarbohydrates: 44gProtein: 16gFat: 1gFiber: 12gSugar: 5g
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