Food Sensitivities

Wheat and flour on a hard surface.

Gluten Sensitivity, Wheat Sensitivity and Wheat Allergy

In recent years, dietary sensitivities and intolerances have gained significant attention as more people seek to understand and manage their digestive health. Among these, gluten sensitivity and wheat sensitivity are commonly discussed, often interchangeably. However, these conditions are distinct, even though they are quite similar still. To add to the confusion is wheat allergy. While […]

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A woman sitting on a couch with an upset stomach.

Understanding Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities are an often overlooked but significant factor in overall health. Unlike food allergies, which provoke immediate and sometimes severe reactions, food sensitivities can cause a range of symptoms that may take hours or even days to appear. This delayed response can make it difficult to pinpoint the offending foods, leading to chronic issues

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