I am so happy you found this masterclass.  I know you will walk away from this with some new insight and a renewed sense of desire and drive!  

If you don’t know who I am, let me share a little about my journey!  My name is Trina Krug – queen of my house, mom extraordinaire to five kids, wife to my blazing hot firefighting man, Holistic Nutritionist, Integrative Health Coach, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner, and recipe engineer.

After 20 years in the software engineering field, I went back to graduate school and earned my Master’s Certificate in Nutrition and officially switched my path!  But I didn’t stop there!  I also worked hard and earned my Master’s Degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine with the focus in Holistic Nutrition!  This simply means I learned how to address illness and disease with (you guessed it) FOOD!  Nature’s medicine.

But why did I  make the career switch??  Despite leading a Paleo lifestyle that involved consistent exercise and clean-eating, AND participating in Ironman races and marathons, I was diagnosed as prediabetic. Though this was incorrect (I was later correctly diagnosed with Adult Onset Type 1 Diabetes), the reality was the same: I needed to lower my blood sugar, lose some weight, deal with my gut issues, and figure out the missing link when I thought I was doing all the right things.

So my engineering brain took over and here we are!  What I realized along the way is that we gave our power of health away long ago. It is time to take that power back.

What I specialize in is helping women take their power back and reach their health goals with a smile on their face.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  

Let’s get to work!